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About the Employer

Bloom believes in Financial and Social Inclusion and is committed to helping communities, businesses and individuals of all ages and all abilities, irrelevant of their post code.

We recognise the need to support links directly with education, young people, voluntary organisations etc and believe the only really effective route to a truly inclusive community is via the trusted partners who already work with / are directly connected to their people – for example Community Groups, Charities, Housing Associations, Care Companies, Churches, Colleges, Universities etc.

By, all of us, combining to challenge the apparent status quo, we can together help people and communities to change their futures. Creating positive change in communities through local investment and by providing real assistance for everyone but especially for the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and anyone with diverse abilities or just in need of a little extra help and support.

We have created, and continue to develop, a free to use “Social Technology Platform” designed to provide any "Community" (town, village, organisation, voluntary group, club, charity, social enterprise or other) anywhere in the UK with access to a suite of web based solutions designed to simplify, streamline and enhance the services and support they already provide.

In addition Bloom has created a range of finance and safety products designed to provide solutions for local businesses and individuals, no matter their age or ability, that can be promoted by the "Community" and where profits can be reinvested into the "Community" to help it Bloom.

We believe that communities must also show their commitment to working together to achieve success – it cannot be a process of “giving” help without the commitment and openness of everyone involved. Experience has shown that where there is a strong existing relationship and when people feel valued, it is more likely that they will trust the support they are offered and understand the responsibility they have to those who have helped them.

Internship Description

Opportunity: Internship
Location: 100's UK wide
Duration: 12 months
Time requirement: 3 - 4 hours per month
Salary: Benefits and Commission

Why you should become a Bloom Ambassador

The Role is self-employed.
You will be helping your Community (Charities, businesses, care organisations, voluntary groups and Individuals of all ages and abilities especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged)
There are No fixed time commitments.
The role can complement your existing interests / work.
The role requires you to promote and “signpost” people in your community to the Bloom website and social media.
There is a simple, formal registration process.
There are minimum contribution targets and great rewards.

There is even the opportunity to earn commission for you and your community.

Qualifications Required

There are no formal qualification requirements.
The role is suited to all ages and abilities (including people in supported employment)


Everyone is required to apply for the Ambassador role online.
You will be emailed and asked to activate your community log in (PPA).
You must log in to your PPA to view all communications, contributions and rewards.
You will receive automated updates and successful applicants will be sent an “Ambassador Contract”.
On return of a signed contract you will be provided with a FREE “My Account (Student)”.
This would normally cost £17.50 per month (£210 per annum).
details at:
You must download and activate your “My Account”, your Student App and Perks before you can be formally appointed as an “Ambassador”.

Once you are an “Ambassador” you can start contributing to help your community.

Skills Required


Ambassadors have just 1 compulsory target…
You must contribute a minimum of 100 entries to the Community Directory each month.
This might take around 3-4 hours per month.
This requires each ambassador to log in to their PPA where they can recommend new directory listings, new calendar events, give feedback and share stories.
Ambassadors should also encourage other individuals to “Join” the Community Directory FREE so they can also contribute to the directory.
Ambassadors should also encourage all community and voluntary groups, clubs, charities, churches etc to use the directory to promote themselves, their activities and events.

Ambassadors can also promote any / all other Bloom products and services and, if they choose, they can earn commission for themselves and / or their community.

More Information

Commissions - Additional Earning Opportunities.

Please note, Bloom is not obliged to provide the Ambassador with work and the Ambassador will not be obliged to accept or perform any work unless Bloom has requested and the Ambassador has agreed to perform such work.

Subject to suitable training (provided by Bloom) Ambassadors can:
Promote any or all Bloom products and services as detailed on the website and as agreed with each Ambassador.
FINANCE – Accounts, loans, care and support services
SAFETY – ICE systems, safety apps and accessories
COMMUNITY – Social technologies, perks, games
Promote any other services as Bloom and the Ambassador may agree upon, from time to time, as new products and services become available.
Support people and organisations in their community to “register” and “apply” for any / all products and services through the Bloom website.
Support Bloom by keeping us informed of all meetings or any additional support required.


Bloom will pay Commission for the introduction and successful conclusion and provision of services to clients introduced by the Ambassador.
Bloom will also pay Commission on introductions that may have been provided to them by Bloom. These introductions will have been made either because of where the Ambassador lives or because of their particular skills or interests.
All payments will be exclusive of any value added tax which might apply to some of the services offered.
A schedule of Commission per product will be provided.
The majority of the Commissions are expected to be on a recurring basis – as long as monthly payments continue to be paid by the client.
The Ambassador and Bloom will agree all “valid sales” which will be tracked and recorded in the Ambassadors PPA and Bloom will automatically post a statement into the ambassadors PPA detailing the services provided within the sales period and the commission due in respect of those services.
By accepting the commission statement, the PPA will create an invoice back to Bloom that will be paid on the (payment date) last working day of the calendar month following the sales period.
– for example, sales / income achieved in say September 2019, would be payable by 31st October 2019.
Where an Ambassador is registered for Value Added Tax, any Value Added Tax shall be shown separately on the invoice, as appropriate.

Ambassadors will NOT be paid a retainer for any periods where there might not be Commission due.

If Bloom specifically requests an Ambassador to attend a Conference, Exhibition or any other such event, and they agree to attend, then all expenses for that event will be covered by Bloom, subject to prior and specific written agreement.



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