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Marine Hydrodynamics - Internship | Full time

About the Employer

Since 1972 we have been pushing the boundaries of imagination and technology, solving challenges in the oil and gas industry. That quest has taken us to greater depths, deeper waters and new frontiers. Now in challenging times, we’re going the extra distance to work simpler, smarter and more cost-effectively—and to help shape the future of energy.

Our industry is experiencing fundamental challenges. From climate change and geopolitics to the energy markets, we are facing new realities. Some see them as threats. In Statoil, we believe our job is to turn them into opportunities. That’s why we’re looking for new ways to utilise our expertise in the energy industry, exploring opportunities in new energy as well as driving innovation in oil and gas around the world. We know that the future has to be low carbon. Our ambition is to be the world’s most carbon-efficient oil and gas producer, as well as driving innovation in offshore wind. We’re a company driven by solving tomorrow’s energy challenges, today.

Every single day we deliver oil, gas and wind power to energise the lives of more than 170 million people, enabling them to cook, create, work and travel. Oil, gas and electricity quite literally turn the wheels of society—in transportation, communications, manufacturing and industry.

Our products are essential in other areas too: people often forget that petrochemicals and gas are needed for manufacturing plastics, synthetic fabrics, asphalt, cosmetics and even medicines. They may be based on lesser-known substances such as naphtha, condensates, wet gas or methane, but they nevertheless play important roles in modern society. Before any of these products can be made, they undergo processing at our terminals and refineries to prepare the raw materials needed by industry.

By 2040, our projections suggest that the decarbonised power sector will account for as much as 57% of the world’s energy mix, compared to 21% today. As a leading energy provider actively supporting a low-carbon future, we aim to support this transition through our core activities.

Our New Energy Solutions business area will complement our oil and gas portfolio with profitable renewable energy and low-carbon solutions, starting with our existing offshore wind portfolio and carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects. By combining our progressive technologies and operational expertise with foresight and responsiveness, we aim to seize the new business opportunities that are opening up in clean energy.

Through partnerships and cooperation, we will build this part of Statoil on a strong industrial platform of value creation and profitability.

The Sheringham Shoal wind farm, located off the coast of Norfolk, UK, was formally opened in September 2012. The wind farm is in full production with 88 turbines and an installed capacity of 317 megwatt (MW). Following the divestment in 2014, it is now owned 40% by Statkraft, a Norwegian wholly state-owned company, 40% by Statoil and 20% by the UK Green Investment Bank (GIB). The wind farm’s estimated annual production is 1.1 terawatt hours (TWh) and it will provide power for approximately 220,000 households.

In 2015, we made the final investment decision to build the world’s first floating wind farm, the Hywind pilot park offshore Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. This marks an important step forward for offshore wind technology, and potentially opens attractive new markets for renewable energy production worldwide. The Hywind park comes in addition to Sheringham Shoal and the nearby Dudgeon offshore wind farm, currently under development. We are also a partner in the Dogger Bank offshore wind project through the Forewind consortium. In the long term, our UK offshore wind business has the potential to provide competitive low carbon electricity to around 4.5 million UK homes.

Our rationale for offshore wind is to build on our significant offshore experience in harsh environments and rough waters, applying our expertise to new areas. The projects combine known technologies in a new setting, enabling wind energy to be captured in deep-water environments which offer better wind conditions and reduced conflict potential when applying for acreage.

Internship Description

Internship 2020 - Marine Hydrodynamics & Ops., Arctic Engineering, Geotechnics, Structural Engineering and Metocean
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Duration: 6 - 8 months

Statoil is an international energy company with operations in more than 30 countries. Building on 40 years of experience from oil and gas production on the Norwegian continental shelf, we are committed to accommodating the world's energy needs in a responsible manner, applying technology and creating innovative business solutions. We are headquartered in Norway with approx. 21,000 employees worldwide, and are listed on the New York and Oslo stock exchanges.

Development and Production Norway (DPN) is, an operator and partner on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS); responsible for managing the NCS resources in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner; to create value for our owners, suppliers and the people of Norway. Statoil has today a solid position on the NCS. We have fields of all sizes, from giants such as Troll, Statfjord and Gullfaks, to small fast-track projects tied to existing infrastructure. Statoil’s ambition is to ensure at least 60% recovery from the NCS. Our products are marketed and sold on the global market, and our production has made Norway one of the world’s leading oil and gas exporters. Our top priority is safe, efficient and sustainable operation to pursue our long-term profitable production from the NCS.

The above mentioned position belongs to two of our core business areas in Statoil:

Technology, Projects and Drilling (TPD) with global responsibility for developing and implementing new technological solutions.
Development & Production Norway (DPN) with responsibility running all operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Job Description

The position will include one or multiple tasks and will also require assistance with daily organizational and preparatory work according to applicants’ work experience and academic background.

Qualifications Required

Successful candidates must have completed at least 2 years of relevant bachelor studies by the time of the commencement of the internship, and are currently enrolled in a relevant study programme.

No more than 1 year of full time relevant experience (please note research under a PhD are not be considered relevant experience).

Studies within Geotechnics or Geodesy/Geographical Information Systems or IT systems, Marine & Subsea Technology, Pipeline Technology, Structural Engineering, Meteorology & Oceanography.

Skills Required

Personal Qualities:

Our values are to be courageous, open, collaborative and caring. We believe in these values and it embodies the spirit and energy of Statoil at its best. If you can identify with our values, you might be the right intern to strengthen our team.

Candidates are expected to openly offer all relevant information about themselves during the recruitment process.

Make sure that we are able to give your application consideration.

Please apply in English. If your application is successful you will then be required to forward your CV in English, as well as copies of your diplomas, certificates and grades in English or Norwegian (or another Scandinavian language). Applications submitted without such attachments will unfortunately not be evaluated. If you are in the process of completing a degree, please ensure that full details of your education, subjects and grades are included within your personal profile and you maye still be required to upload an official temporary transcript or other document describing subjects and grades completed to this point at a later point.

All permanent and temporary hires will be screened against relevant sanctions lists to ensure compliance with sanctions law and increase security. The position is opened for all candidates who are eligible to work in the location during the time of the internship.

More Information

Our internships give you the opportunity to get valuable hands-on work experience in Statoil.

Through the internship you get the chance to widen your professional network and develop yourself on a personal and professional level.

Statoil offers competitive salary for the internship period according to the progress in your studies.

Statoil wants to ensure diversity in terms of gender, age and culture.

Join our summer internship programme to gain real work experience, build a professional network and gain insights in the energy industry.

The selected candidates will be given the opportunity to engage with some of the world’s foremost technical environments and learn about Statoil and our industry. Each summer intern will be a part of our drive to solve tomorrow’s energy challenges today.

Did you know...?

Statoil was again ranked as the most attractive employer among engineering professionals in Norway in Universum’s annual ranking of the most attractive employers. This is the 14th time Statoil is ranked as the top employer in this survey, which was published in November 2017. Statoil was also ranked fifth among business professionals and 13th among IT professionals.
Inventum’s report was based on evaluations by 13,700 students and 10,500 professionals.

This position could be relevant for other locations as well: Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Stjørdal.



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