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Internships are “a piece of work, usually lasting for a fixed, limited, period of time and designed to enhance skills in a particular field”. Research shows 71% of graduate jobs will be filled by someone who has already worked for the organisation.

INOOKSHOOK aims to guide students along the path that leads to the world of work.

Internships provide an opportunity to develop skills and gain a competitive edge in the search for employment. Internships will help you build a foundation for your long term career development. Mentoring and networking opportunities will help in career decision-making and you will gain valuable experience that will enhance your CV and may also provide academic credits.

INOOKSHOOK is open 24/7 providing a seamless bridge between education and commerce and access to internship opportunities throughout the year, across all sectors and time zones. Put your knowledge into practice, step outside your comfort zone, experience work and the work environment.

Register FREE. Create your "Intern Profile" and apply. Internships, briefings, placements and real work experience enhance your CV and make you a more interesting and stronger candidate for employers.

You can apply for as many internships as you want. When you apply your background and personal statement “Why I am awesome” will be forwarded to the employer. Make sure your "Intern Profile" is the best it can be. If your application is successful you will receive an email with contact details of the internship mentor. You can then contact your mentor to finalize details. You may or may not be paid for your work and your internship may or may not receive academic credit.

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"I always wanted to see my designs turned into real products and it was my internship that helped to make it happen. ”

Charlotte James