Energy companies form the bedrock of our society.

Modern society consumes large amounts of fuel and the energy industry is a crucial part of the country's infrastructure. Never thought of working in Energy before? Not sure how graphic design or psychology relates to the Energy Sector? You'd be surprised. Working in the Energy Sector offers a varied range of jobs, from working on the deep sea rigs and wind farms to the support services onshore.

Here are some basics...

The industry comprises:

  • Petroleum industry
  • Gas industry, including natural gas extraction as well as distribution and sales
  • Electrical power industry, including generation, distribution and sales
  • Coal industry
  • Nuclear power industry
  • Renewable energy industry, comprising of alternative energy and sustainable energy companies
  • Supplying and looking after the appliances that use fuel
  • A plethora of jobs around the support functions to ensure the continuing success of the industry

What's in it for you?

  • Large energy companies provide an opportunity for keen focused individuals to progress and develop their skills
  • They provide career paths that start with training and develop through qualified progression
  • There is always opportunity to change disciplines later on in your career
  • Prestigious graduate schemes are sought after and can lead to a fruitful and enjoyable career
  • International opportunities are offered to employees with differing skills
  • Excellent remuneration packages for employees with good working conditions at all levels
  • Large energy companies are often at the cutting edge of developments

Opening up a world of opportunities:

  • Finance – Looking after all aspects of finance, including accounting
  • IT– Developing and implementing innovative information systems for staff and customers, including software development, hardware, testing, quality and help desk support
  • Human Resources – All areas of Human resources from recruitment to generalist HR roles
  • Production – Involved in all the aspects of energy production from rigs to power stations
  • Servicing – Looking after energy and energy appliances and associated products, by servicing and undertaking breakdown work in premises
  • Procurement – Undertaking the buying and supplying of goods and services for the business
  • Customer Service – Providing support to customers, usually via the telephone in call centres
  • Marketing – Designing and implementing the marketing strategy across the business
  • Sales – A fast moving area covering sales of energy and energy related products to customers either over the phone or face to face

Just remember, never be blinkered, there are companies in every business sector that need your skills.
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