As the UK economy continues to grow back following the financial crises of 2008, almost 10 years ago now, many business leaders are becoming more and more concerned about the scarcity of skilled labour and the major challenges it presents to their future business strategies.

The job market of today is highly fluid and fast-paced, enabling talented employees to change companies, locations, and even careers, more easily and frequently.

The cornerstones of recruitment strategies, such as salary increases and promotions, may no longer be enough to help find the right recruit. Even the more modern, and sometimes outlandish, strategies such as unlimited holiday and sleeping pods at work may not be enough to encourage top talent to join you.

However studies continue to show that over 71% of graduate opportunities will be filled by someone who has already worked for the organisation.

It is therefore more important than ever that every business develops a clear strategy to find and engage with the next generation of talent at the earliest opportunity.

Until now the UK has lagged well behind the rest of the world when it comes to providing internships. A recent study showed that Germany provides around 560,00 internships annually whereas the UK only provides around 27,000 so in today's ever expanding global economy it is important that UK students are given far greater access to internships worldwide.

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