Good for you and your business.

As head of Marketing & Social Media at CBG, I believe our intern program is equally as beneficial to the business as it is to the Interns themselves.

Our interns have always fitted straight in. They have a positive, can do, attitude and a comfortable understanding of how social media platforms function & which platforms and technologies are best suited for any particular purpose.

We have found that our Interns have helped us generate a positive image with other businesses and individuals wanting to work closely with us. They have always been open-minded and really understood our message and are therefore motivated to work hard. We have always found that the lack of practical experience is totally outweighed by eagerness, enthusiasm and ability.

Finding the right candidates has always been difficult but INOOKSHOOK has changed all that. You simply create your "Employer Profile" and log in to create and post your internships.

In our Marketing & Social Media department we need interns who have experience in Media, who can help with visual aspects of CBG such as videos and promotional flyers. We also need interns with experience of computing to help with data systems, member communications, social media and website improvement. In the past we have spent a lot of time and money to find someone with all the skills required but now we simply post opportunities on INOOKSHOOK and potential Interns contact us.

"Posting an Internship" allows you to be as precise and detailed as you want to be so that you can guarantee to find the right person for the role on offer. Even more importantly posting on INOOKSHOOK gives you access to students throughout the UK not just those at your local college or university. It allows us to review all the applicants and provides a simple accept or decline button making the whole selection process quicker and easier for us but ensuring all applicants are kept fully informed even if they are unsuccessful.


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