Over 500 Students descended on the INOOKSHOOK stand over a non-stop 4 hour period.

Over 20% have already gone on to visit the website, register and have started to create their own Intern Profiles.

"The Graduate Fair has really demonstrated that there is a huge need", said Michael Dale, CEO at INOOKSHOOK. "Till now it has been far too difficult for Students to find Internships and for Employers to offer opportunities. It has taken us 14 months of research and development but we are delighted that we can now provide everyone with a simple platform that allows "Interns" to enhance their CV's and gain real work experience whilst also allowing "Employers" a focal point for all their work opportunities, experience, shadowing, briefings, research projects, apprenticeships, training courses and "GIGS" of all types".

Throughout the day Students were able to attend a Workshop to help review and enhance their CV's.

Staff were joined on the stand by representatives from 2 of the Employers already offering Internships through the website.

Jason Roath CEO of Yandiya Technologies commented after the event, "it was a full on day, far exceeding our expectations. We were delighted by the turn out and by the positivity and ability of the Students we met many of whom have already gone on to the INOOKSHOOK website, registered, created their Intern Profile, and applied for the Internships we have listed there".

Prabhu Mudliar, founder of Webmaker pros, was also impressed by the event and encouraged all Employers to "get registered and start working with Interns. INOOKSHOOK is so easy to use it makes it possible for any Employer, large or small, to post their opportunities and access the talent they need, when they need it".

INOOKSHOOK is not another recruitment site, it has been specifically designed to offer "Internship" opportunities, short or long term, paid or unpaid. It takes less than 2 minutes to register and as soon as an Employer has registered they can "Post" as many internships as they want, as often as they like.

Register and Create your Internships now and as a special "Thank you", to Solent University, Students and Staff - we will "Post" them LIVE totally FREE.

Simply email the word "SOLENT" to support@inookshook.co.uk when your Internship is ready to go "LIVE" and we will do the rest.

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