I start my final year in September and I’m starting to think about a career and what sort of opportunities there are available for me in the computing industry.

Before I go back I want to gain some experience in the real world. Someone told me taking up an internship could put me on the right path and so I registered on INOOKSHOOK to see if they could help me find what i was looking for.

I found their website and started searching for internships. When i found the one i wanted I found that i needed to register and create a personal profile so that employers could get to know a bit about me. Made sense but it frustrated me a little because i just wanted to "Apply".

The registration process was efficient, basic information was needed such as what my username would be and a secure password. Also my mobile number, email & home address. However at the bottom of the page I mistakenly unticked the box to be sent updates by email as I didn’t know whether I was gonna get sent a load of spam! Because of this I didn’t receive confirmation of my registration or information about what to do next which could have been embarrassing.

Anyway after rectifying this I was directed to my account and created the rest of my personal profile with no trouble. Note to the wise: I did have to take my time writing in my key skills as this profile will be seen by the employer so I needed to make a good first impression. The personal profile was easy to fill in as everything can be saved simply and the system allowed me to finish and edit parts at a later date which was handy.

What would i do different? I think it is worth registering and completing your profile as soon as you go to the site. You need to take your time and make sure you "sell yourself". You can go back and edit and update as much as you want but when you press "Apply" the employer will be able to see your profile and you only get one chance to impress.

Cool website and i'm now an Intern.

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