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INOOKSHOOK provides an online environment where Employers can upload any "Internship" opportunity and where Interns can "Apply" to undertake any role on offer.

The aim is to provide access to the widest and most diverse range of Internship opportunities possible. However, as a consequence, it is accepted that not all Internships on offer will generate a payment.

Nevertheless INOOKSHOOK does believe that all Employers should provide a fair reward for any work done and it is up to every Employer to ensure they meet or exceed Government standards.

Whether the Internship being offered is described as a "project", "briefing", "work placement", "work experience", "work shadowing", "apprenticeship", "volunteering" or any other "offering" it is up to the Employer to ensure they are paying Interns correctly for the work done. It is also up to the Intern to ensure they fully understand the tasks, timescales, expectations and whether or not they will receive payment, before agreeing to do the work.

An intern’s rights depend on their employment status. If an intern is classed as a worker, then they are normally due the National Minimum Wage.

Internships are sometimes called work placements or work experience. These terms have no legal status on their own.

The rights of every Intern depend on their employment status and whether they are classed as:

  • a Worker
  • a Volunteer
  • an Employee

Finally, Employers choosing to provide apprenticeships should also note: Changes to the way apprenticeship funding works,

Apprenticeships are a devolved policy. This means that authorities in each of the UK nations manage their own apprenticeship programmes, including how funding is spent on apprenticeship training. If you are an employer with operations in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you may also want to contact your national apprenticeship authority.

Changes include, the "Apprenticeship levy", the "Apprenticeship service" and new "co-investment" (when employers and government share the cost of training and assessing apprentices).

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