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When you first register you will be redirected so you can immediately start to create your "Intern Profile".

Alternatively you need to LOG IN.

Either go to and LOG IN or click on the link in the confirmation e-mail you received when you registered and LOG IN.

You will be directed to your account. Click on the Edit Profile button. I will explain how your account works in a later guide.

It’s important to stress that the information you add to your "Intern Profile" will be forwarded to Employers when you "Apply" for any internship and will be the basis on which they decide whether or not to offer you the opportunity.

What makes up your "Intern Profile"? There are 5 sections that require completing / checking.

  • Your details
  • Contact details
  • Education details
  • Personal statement - "Why I'm Awesome"
  • More about you

You can LOG IN and Edit your "Intern Profile" at any time and as many times as you like but remember to make sure you save your changes regularly as you go along.

Your personal details and contact details will be pre-populated from your registration form but always check they are correct.

Now complete all the other sections in your "Intern Profile". Take your time. You are not able to upload a CV. but you can cut and paste.

Remember - Every "Intern Profile" is constructed in the same way. The same questions, the same order. This makes it easy for the Employers to find the information they are looking for and to compare candidates. To give yourself the best chance make the most of the "Why i'm awesome" section. This is your chance to impress.

You are now ready to "Apply".

Happy hunting...

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