“Inuksuk” (pronounced “Inookshook”) are monuments made of stones or boulders traditionally constructed by the Inuit Indians in the Arctic.

Dating back to 2400 BCE, these sculptural forms are among the oldest and most important objects placed by humans across the vast Arctic landscape.

They are built as navigational and directional aids, their purpose is to help other travellers survive in a barren and cold land by guiding them to water, food sources or the best route through difficult terrain. A welcome sight on a featureless and forbidding arctic landscape, they confirm "You are on the right path"...

The ancient Inuit built stone signposts to help travelers find their way across the Arctic tundra.

The journey into the future for young people can appear equally cold and forbidding. Our aim at INOOKSHOOK is to assist this journey by encouraging businesses and organisations to support and inspire young people through the provision of internships.

Throughout the United Kingdom there are large numbers of talented and highly motivated students and other young people seeking the opportunity for internships, apprenticeships, work experience, research and project support.

Equally there are many businesses, commercial enterprises, institutions and investors who can and, in our view should, extend a helping hand and provide such learning opportunities to young people.

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