What We Do

INOOKSHOOK brings interns and employers together by encouraging employers to post as wide a range of internships as possible and by making it easy for interns to use the platform to apply for the opportunities available. In order to post, or apply for internships, employers and interns merely register and fill out their basic profile details.

All employers, irrespective of their location, size or resources, have the opportunity to post internships and to access, identify and build relationships with the "young talent" who may well become employees and valuable key players in their business in the long term. All interns can keep updated by email as new internships are posted and have equal access to all the internships available on INOOKSHOOK. Interns can also filter their search by industry sector and location to find those that best suit their ambitions.

Registration is quick, straightforward and FREE.

Once you have registered you can log in to your account, create and edit your profile and manage your internships. The "Employer Profile" and "Intern Profile" are valuable tools provided by INOOKSHOOK to help you compare and evaluate. Your profile should be completed in full and in detail to ensure that you create the best impression and maximise your potential. Whether that be as an employer looking for an intern or an intern applying for an internship. Remember anyone viewing an internship can see the "Employer Profile" and the "Intern Profile" will be sent to the employer when an intern applies for their internship. You can edit and update your profile at any time.

Employers must be logged in to their account to post their internships, work experience, projects or research opportunities and a small charge is payable to publish these on the site. Your account will allow you to manage all applications and keep a record of all internships and charges. Interns must also be logged in to their account to apply for any of the internships available and their account allows them to keep a record of their internships and outcomes.

Inspiration Behind the Name

“Inuksuk” (pronounced “Inookshook”) are monuments made of stones or boulders traditionally constructed by the Inuit Indians in the Arctic. Dating back to 2400 BCE, these sculptural forms are among the oldest and most important objects placed by humans across the vast Arctic landscape.

They are built as navigational and directional aids, their purpose is to help other travellers survive in a barren and cold land by guiding them to water, food sources or the best route through difficult terrain. A welcome sight on a featureless and forbidding arctic landscape, they confirm "You are on the right path"...

Throughout the United Kingdom there are large numbers of talented and highly motivated students and other young people seeking the opportunity for internships, apprenticeships, work experience, research and project support. Equally there are many businesses, commercial enterprises, institutions and investors who can and, in our view should, extend a helping hand and provide such learning opportunities to young people.

The ancient Inuit built stone signposts to help travellers find their way across the Arctic tundra. The journey into the future for young people can appear equally cold and forbidding. Our aim at INOOKSHOOK is to assist this journey by encouraging businesses and organisations to support and inspire young people through the provision of internships and work experience opportunities.

"INOOKSHOOK believes that internships and work experience opportunities should be available to everyone; not dependent on whom you know but who you are and what you can contribute.”

Michael Dale - CEO